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About Shanghai: "city on rivers"

Shanghai, China's largest modern city, is situated in the middle of China's east coastal line. It covers an area of over 6,340 square miles and has a population of over 15 million. It’s also the largest economic and trade center in the country and a comprehensive industrial base. It is an open city along the coast, as well as a famous historical and cultural city. Shanghai's history of revolution and culture attract tourists home and abroad. Being regarded as "Paris of China" and as the paradise for shopping, Shanghai has become an ideal city for tourism. The Pudong Development Area in Shanghai is an important special economic zone in China. Efforts are being made to develop Shanghai into a modern international economic, financial and trade center.
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Shanghai, also called "Hu" or "Shen", the municipality of People's Republic of China, China’s center City, China's economic, financial, trade and shipping center and the first coastal open city, is the core of Chinese economy, transportation, science and technology, industry, finance, exhibition and shipping. It is also one of the largest metropolitans all over the world. In 2014, Shanghai’s GDP ranks first in Chinese cities and ranks second in Asia.
Shanghai owns large numbers of tourists which enrich full of humanistic atmosphere and modern style. For instant, the Whampoa River, Lujiazui, Town God's Temple, the Oriental Pearl Tower, Expo Park, the Bund and Yu Yuan. As the famous center for economy and tourism, Shanghai is conveying her beauty to the world.


Shanghai Disneyland is China's first Disney theme park in mainland, in which locates in Shanghai Pudong New Area, Chuansha New Town. It will include six theme areas when it opens at June 16, 2016. They are Mickey Avenue, the Fantastic Garden, Adventure Island, Treasure Bay, Tomorrow's World and the Dream World. There are many world premiere rides in Shanghai Disneyland which enriches exciting live performances and a variety of wonderful experiences. No matter women or man, old or young, both can be happy in the harvest.

Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street
It is one of China's top ten famous Walking Street which locates in Huangpu District. It stretches about 1200 meters from west of Tibet Road to the east of Henan Road. In 1865, it was officially named Nanjing Road. There is a dark red marble screen carved Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street which written by Jiang zeming on both sides of Pedestrian. Narrow streets, tall buildings, gray walls and shutters, high ceilings and pointy roof , once so charming, record a story turns and twists.

The 2010 World Exposition (Expo 2010) was held in Shanghai, China, the first Expo exhibition ever held in China. The Expo theme is "Better City, Better Life". It attracts nearly 70 million people around the world during Expo which requires total investment of 45 billion yuan. it is the largest World Expo in history.

Pearl of the Orient
Oriental Pearl TV Tower is located in the Huangpu River in Pudong Lujiazui sharp-tongued, and nears Bund International Architecture Exhibition group across the river. In the tower, there are capsules, revolving restaurants and Shanghai urban landscape and the historical development of galleries and other facilities.
Oriental Pearl TV Tower is the first national AAAAA level scenic spots. In 1995, it was voted as one of top ten landscape of Shanghai. The whole tower is 468 meters high, ranking first in Asia and third tallest in the world, is the symbol of reform and opening in Shanghai.


The Huangpu River
The Huangpu River, the landmark of Shanghai River, flows through Shanghai and divides it into Puxi and Pudong, connects with Bai Du Bridge and finally flows into the Yangtze River. Huangpu River is about 113 kilometers length and about 300-770 meters width, which is known as the Mother River with the multi-function of drinking, navigation, flood control drainage, fishery and tourism. Huangpu River gathers all of the essence of the urban landscape. If you went to Shanghai, the river’s screen in night should not be missed. On both sides of classical and modern architecture lit, bustling city, each other, complement each other, colorful and diverse, filling the riverbank views.

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